hand dredge sluice pump
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A manual sump pump designed to pump out sewage or toilets. This portable pump can be mounted on a steel base or carrying board for easy transportation. Sludge Sucker brand manual diaphragm pumps are designed, engineered and manufactured byy Wastecorp Pumps in North America.

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Wastecorp Hand Diaphragm Sump Pump

  • Aluminum pump body with Wastecorp designed velocity channel to aid in pumping tough slurries
  • No board or base included
  • 7" blended rubber/nylon diaphragm
  • Steel pipe handle w/plastic grip
  • Single neo-nylon flapper valve construction
  • Premium steel upper and lower weights to ensure positive seating

Additional Information

  • Next day and second day shipping available for additional charge
  • Refer to terms and conditions for return policy 
  • Standard 2" connection will be shipped unless otherwise indicated
  • Item ships in 2-3 business days

Ordering Information

  • 1.5" connection p/n: 61184-00 . Note: you must specify either 1.5" or 2" package at check out. All orders without a specified size will ship 2" by default.

What to Specify at Checkout

  • 2" model: 61183-00
  • 1.5" model:61184-00
  • Same price for each
  • Item #: 61184-00
  • Manufacturer: Sludge Sucker Hand Pumps
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: Hand Sump Pumps | Sludge Sucker Brand

Hand Sump Pumps-No Base

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