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Wastecorp Sludge Sucker hand water pumps are hand operated, high capacity, self priming portable units. The pumps are shipped completely assembled (except handle). This hand operated pump is designed for use with fluids mixed with abrasive solids such as sand, silt, mud, sludge, and waste. Designed and Manufactured in North America. Ships worldwide.

Wastecorp Sludge Sucker Professional Hand Pump

  • Aluminum pump body with Wastecorp designed velocity channel to aid in pumping tough slurries
  • Mounted on a carrying board
  •  7" blended rubber/nylon diaphragm aluminum pipe handle w/plastic grip
  •  Flapper valve construction
  •  Premium steel upper and lower weights to ensure positive seating
  • Hoses are not included with this pump see below for hose options

Ordering Information

  • You must specify either 1.5" or 2" package at check out
  • 1.5" - Model No. 63839-15
  • 2" - Model No. 63839-20
  • All orders without a specified size will ship 2" by default

Other Information

  • Designed and manufactured in the USA 
  • Item ships in 2-3 business days after order
  • Item #: 63839-15
  • Manufacturer: Wastecorp Sludge Sucker
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: 63282-00

Sludge Sucker Hand Pump on Board

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